The Ephemeral Hanging City

165 citizens from 13 countries celebrated the architectural experimentation and creativity.

Bellastock is a network of students of architecture and young architects, a platform for theoretical and practical research to promote experimentation as a drive to acquire practical knowledge, mainly via construction workshops. This initiative first started from students of Belleville School of Architecture in Paris, in 2006 since when it gave rise to many similar workshops all around the world. HELLAΣTOCK, the greek version of the event, held for the first time in late summer in 2014. Given the experimentation on a specific material every time, these events are commonly based on the idea of the ephemeral city, a purpose-built complex lasting only for as long as the workshop takes place, while participants are requested to design and accomplish their own shelter. A city that rises up and expands within a three-day period after which, there is no imprint left but the unforgettable, exciting experience. Facebook pages : HELLAΣΤΟCK | Whereswilder | Theodore HELLAΣTOCK HELLAΣTOCK HELLAΣTOCK whereswilder HELLAΣTOCK whereswilder whereswilder whereswilder whereswilder HELLAΣTOCKwhereswilderHELLAΣTOCK HELLAΣTOCK HELLAΣTOCKHELLAΣTOCK HELLAΣTOCK HELLAΣTOCK HELLAΣTOCK HELLAΣTOCK HELLAΣTOCK theodore_melentini theodore theodore HELLAΣTOCK 4A5A6830 HELLAΣTOCK HELLAΣTOCK theodore theodore_melentini HELLAΣTOCK HELLAΣTOCK HELLAΣTOCKHELLAΣTOCKHELLAΣTOCK Location: Gate E2 Port of Piraeus, Greece © Mariza Kapsabeli 2014

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